Cremona Italy

23 July 2022

Saturday 23 July 2022

Select your GT or single seater to drive in Cremona on 23 July 2022


Winter Tour: this is a discounted track day during winter time
Track day pre-booked, awaiting confirmation from circuit
Track day dedicated to Formula driving courses

Cremona race track

11 corners in total: 5 on the right and 6 on the left. Fast corners, chance to reach high speeds, great grip and a lot of safety ways-out, will give you the chance to test in the best way ever and in total safety, the motorsport, aerodynamic, braking and chassis performances of the vehicles. High features, 100% safe and maximum excitement!What are you waiting for? Choose Puresport and get yourself down to the Cremona Racetrack now, or contact us for more information.